Assignment: Sociology Forum

Assignment: Sociology Forum

Assignment: Sociology Forum


Please see attached Discussion Board Instructions & Grading Rubric Topic: Divorce is a common occurrence that you should have already read about. The book gives many reasons as to why the familial structure has changed since the Industrial Revolution.
Discuss why divorce is more common. Why are the statistics not that different for the church and non-believers? Do you think the trends will continue or change? What do you think can be implemented by communities, the government, or the church to increase the stability of the familial structure?

Reply to at least two classmates substantively discussing what they have shared. Be sure to support your thoughts from the textbook and / or primary resource per the Rubric for class.

Respond to both Replies:

Reply # 1 Kimberly Murray


Divorce is a very common occurrence today. I believe one of the reasons it is becoming increasingly more common is that our culture is much more focused on personal satisfaction than the family unit. On page 336 of Social Problems: A Down-to-Earth Approach, Henslin says, “This might surprise you, but it’s possible to interpret divorce statistics as a sign that marriages are improving and families are becoming stronger. Here’s the thinking: No longer willing to put up with miserable marriages, men and women end them. They then look for new partners, and most end up with more satisfying marriages. In fact, they keep divorcing and looking until they find a relationship that satisfies them enough to at least stay together.” I believe this statement is very accurate. I think because our culture focuses so much on personal gratification, the attitude of if you are not happy then go find someone that makes you happy is perfectly acceptable. I think divorce for the sake of safety is one thing, however, divorce for the sake of gratification and comfort is another. Marriage is not an easy thing, and it has become easy in our culture to just be done when things are not easy. Alongside this, I would go so far as to say I think the current state of how inundated we are by the media plays a massive role in divorce. Just as pornography leads to unrealistic sexual expectations and causes marital strife, the image of easy marriages – or marriages with some trouble but resolves fairly easily – causes unrealistic expectations in a marriage. There are some things that happen in life and in marriage that are unbelievable difficult to move forward through but are able to be done. The statistics are similar among believers and nonbelievers because many believers have adopted the cultural acceptance of divorce regardless of the Bible’s approach.

I do not think the trends will change overall. They may change in communities or circles, but on the large-scale they will continue in the same way they are now. I think the entire mantra would have to change. The government, communities and the church would all need to be speaking to the importance of the family structure. Not only that, they would all need to be speaking to the importance of the family structure and the sometimes requirement that we sacrifice immediate gratification to see that family unit function in the way it should. Again, that sacrifice does not mean putting people at risk for safety, but overall, it will require a sacrifice of self to a degree for marriages and families to succeed in the end. We have to learn to love our spouses and our families more than we love ourselves and what is convenient or comfortable for us.

Assignment: Sociology Forum


Henslin, J. M. (2018). Social Problems, 12th Edition. [Liberty University Online Bookshelf]. Retrieved from

Reply # 2  Laseandra Lester


According to the course text, “When you say “family problems,” divorce is one of the first things that people think of” (Henslin, 2018, p. 336). Divorce is a practice in our society that has many causes and many effects. The statistics on divorce are staggering:one couple divorces for every two that marries (Henslin, 2018).  From a theoretical perspective, the meaning of marriage has changed. Individuals no longer attach the same values to marriage such as in the past, some of the historical functions of marriage have evolved and gender roles have shifted (Henslin, 2018). Additionally, unrealistic/unmet expectations can contribute to divorce. Increasingly, divorce is an acceptable life choice as opposed to the stigma in the past. Women are more independent than ever before and do not necessarily marry for economic security. Culture norms promote a “live your best life” attitude and if something interferes with your happiness, you should change it. This consumeristic view of marriage makes is easier in some regard for some individuals to choose to divorce rather than work on building and strengthening the relationship.

Failed marriages contribute to a host of societal problems. The consequences on children of divorce include: increased drop-out rates, increased trouble with the law, increased rates of teen pregnancy and drug use and increased rates of divorce in future marriages. Divorce does not seem to promote societal stability. One-parent families experience many difficulties that two-parent families do not.

Marriage is hard work. It takes commitment, love, sacrifice, patience, and humility. A powerful biblical prescription for marriage can be found in I Cor. 13. The qualities displayed in this passage are those that couples need to possess in order to build and maintain a strong relationship. While many marriages are not ideal and even toxic, many are not and couples separate in large numbers over “irreconcilable differences”. Broken families often need the support of social service organizations, churches, and friends and family to promote healing, provide financial support, and encouragement as they strive to live in the aftermath of the disruption of the family.

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