Discussion: Religious Diversity

Discussion: Religious Diversity

Discussion: Religious Diversity


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Required Readings
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Required Media
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Discussion: Religion and Privilege
For citizens in some countries, religious oppression is common and long standing. While freedom of religion is guaranteed in the U.S., religious intolerance still exists. According to the Equal Opportunity Employment commission, the number of lawsuits filed for religious discrimination doubled between 2000–2010 (Pledger, 2011). Social workers must be alert for the complex ways that religious privilege functions. By creating an awareness of the privilege given to some while marginalizing others, social workers can understand how this bias impacts their clients.

By Day 3
Post an explanation of the connections between privilege and religion. Describe a situation in which members of a religion experience privilege. Describe a situation in which members of a religion experience religious oppression. Research and report on a situation in which that group experienced treatment on the other end of the spectrum of oppression or privilege, either in the present day or during an earlier historical period.

Discussion 1

Jasmine Bethea
RE: Discussion – Week 8

The connection between privilege and religion is prevalent in society. Christians in America gives you specific benefits other groups do not get, which creates unfairness in treatment (Nguyen, 2018). Though Christians have these benefits, they’re the most persecuted and oppressed religion in the world (Clark, 2013).

Christians can display crosses as they please, and Muslims are scrutinized for wearing their turbans(Nguyen,2018). Islam’s and Muslims are labeled as terrorist since the 9/11 attack (Kalman, 2016). A situation in which members of a religion experience privilege: Christians experience privilege by being able to openly say “Merry Christmas” while out in public. Christians politicians can talk about their faith and not lose nearly close to as many votes as a Muslim politician(Nguyen,2018). Christian holidays are given days off. Christians are less likely to be criticized for their religion by a jury of their peers(Nguyen,2018).

A situation in which members of a religion experience religious oppression. There has been numerous attacks and murders of 12,000 Christians and Muslims in Nigeria. These two religions clash. No one has been arrested or detained for these acts of religious violence. Islamic people have been targeting citizens located in the Middle East for practicing Christianity and refusing to convert to Islam (Withers, 2018).

Discussion 2

Laurette Mabry Laurette Mabry RE: Discussion – Week 8COLLAPSE

Explanation of the connections between privilege and religion.

Christian is one of the oldest and dominates religion in the world.  It has approximately 2.1 billion followers worldwide (BBC, 2014).

Some privileges examples that come with Christianity are: politicians pay attention and fight for your votes at election time.  New products are designed and marketed in your social class.  Can readily find non-caricatured examples of members in your class depicted in films, television, and other media. Able to hire an attorney to ensure your case will be heard.  Walk around the neighborhood at night without legitimate concern for your safety.  Don’t have to worry if your utilities have been terminated if you didn’t pay your bill.

Religions (2014). Christianity. BBC. Retrieved January 14, 2019, fromhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/christianity/

Describe a situation in which members of a religious experience privilege.

Time off (religious holidays) time off from work.  Music and television programs pertaining to you’re religion holidays are readily accessible.  Example Christmas music played on the radio and movies on television.  Able to worship freely, without fear of violence or threats.

Describe a situation in which members of religion experience religious oppression.

Jehovah’s witness does not believe in giving blood transfusions (Religious, 1996). Robinson, B., A. (1996). Blood transfusions and related procedures. Religious Tolerance. Retrieved January 14, 2019, from http://www.religioustolerance.org/witness5.htm

A public pool in New York City does not allow Orthodox Jewish women to swim or wear bathing suits in the presence of men (Universal, 2016).

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