ART 105 Introduction to Visual Art Module 1 Assignment

ART 105 Introduction to Visual Art Module 1 Assignment

Write one or two short paragraphs (3-4 sentences each) answering the following:

1. Have you taken an online course before? Which ones? When?

2. What are your expectations for this online course? What types of experiences do you anticipate, wish to have, or wish to avoid?

3. Do you have any previous art/art history background? Have you ever taken art or art history in college or high school? If so, what types of courses? Do you consider yourself an amateur artist?

4. Who is your favorite visual artist and why?

If you have no art background or favorite artist, that’s OK, just let me know. Hopefully by the end of our semester together you will have found one

Save your work as a Microsoft Word document. Make sure to include your last name as part of the file’s name. Turn in your work by clicking the “Practice Submitting an Assignment 1” link above. Type your name in the comment box and attach your file in the area below. (If you do not have Microsoft Word, copy and paste your assignment into the comment box as well.) Click “Submit” to hand in your work.