ART 105 Journal: “What Qualities Make For A Good Work Of Art?”

ART 105 Journal: “What Qualities Make For A Good Work Of Art?”

Journal assignments are designed to facilitate critical thinking about issues related to art.

1. Carefully consider your own, personal definition of “good” art. Then, locate a work of art that you believe constitutes “good” visual art and illustrates your ideas. There are no limitations regarding what type of visual art you can select–for example, you may use an advertising image, a work of fine art, an album cover, etc. The image may be the work of either a known or an unknown artist. Any visual medium (painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, fashion design, etc.) is acceptable.

2. Write a one page journal response addressing the following: What qualities make for a good work of art? What makes your chosen artwork “good?” Bear in mind that explaining “what is good” is not the same thing as explaining “what I like,” and your answers need to contain a deeper level of reflection. Avoid responses such as “Good art is a matter of opinion and is in the eye of the beholder.”

Grades will be determined based on the depth and thoughtfulness of your response.

Requirements: Your journal entry should be a minimum of 300 words long. Include your image in digital format in your journal response. Your writing must be proofread for errors and spell checked. Students who have obviously not proofread and/or spell checked their entries or have not followed the above instructions will lose points.

How to hand-in your work:

Click the “Journal Response: What Qualities Make For A Good Work Of Art?” link above. Type your name in the “Comments” field and attach your work as a Word document file. (Be sure the file name contains your last name as part of it.) If you do not have Microsoft Word, you may copy and paste your work into the “Comments” box. Click “Submit” to hand in your work.