ART 105 Module 4 Assignment: Principles of Design

ART 105 Module 4 Assignment: Principles of Design

1. Look through the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website. Go to and click on “Curatorial Departments” or “Collection Database” at the left.

2. Select artworks from the permanent collection that illustrate 15 of the principles of design listed below. Do not use the same image for more than one term.

3. Copy and paste your images into a 15-slide presentation. Each slide should include an image, the artist (if given), title, and date, the design principle your piece exemplifies, and a short sentence explaining how the image effectively demonstrates that term. (For example, “The cat, being the largest and most complex form in the photograph, is the focal point,” or “Because of the repetition of triangular shapes and the color red, visual unity is created.”) If you do not have PowerPoint, you may create a document using Microsoft Word. Be sure to save your work with a title that includes your last name within it.

Principles of Design (choose 15):

visual unity

conceptual unity


actual balance

pictorial balance

bilateral (pure or formal) symmetry

approximate symmetry

symmetrical balance

asymmetrical balance

horizontal balance

vertical balance

diagonal balance

radial balance


focal point


hierarchical scaling

distorted scale (not hierarchical scaling)

violating the canon of proportion for expressive purposes

How to hand in your work: Click the “Assignment: Principles of Design” link above. Type in your name and attach the file to the area below the comment box. Click “Submit” to hand in your work.