ART 105 Module 5 Assignment: Decoding Iconography

ART 105 Module 5 Assignment: Decoding Iconography

Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Subject Matter (list all items that make up the subject matter):

Symbolism (list the symbolism of the subject matter listed above):

Meaning (What is the meaning and how does the subject matter and symbols create the overall meaning of the work of art?):

As noted in your textbook, iconography refers to the themes and symbols in a work of art and their connections with the meanings of the work. Complex iconographies sometimes get lost across generations and cultures, and require research to decode. However, the painting depicted here uses many symbols that are still comprehensible to us today.

1. Answer the following:

a. What objects are represented in this painting? In other words, what is the “surface” subject matter?

b. What does each object symbolize?

c. Based on your interpretation of the symbols, what is the overall message of the piece, as stated in one or two sentences?

2. Fill out the document with your findings and submit to the instructor.