ART 105 Module 9 Assignment: Curate Your Own Sculpture Exhibition (in pairs)

ART 105 Module 9 Assignment: Curate Your Own Sculpture Exhibition (in pairs)

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This assignment will be done with a partner. Remember, paired assignments function best if you work together rather than merely dividing the assignment; while you certainly may communicate via your group discussion board and email, remember that you can also communicate “ in real time” using the group chat feature, the telephone, facebook chat, or any other medium that allows you to communicate synchronously (i.e. at the same time).

1. Check the Group Pages in the Tools- Communication tab on the left menu to contact your partner and determine how and when you will complete the assignment. (Be sure to touch bases by Wednesday at midnight.)

2. Together, determine a theme for your sculpture exhibition. (Examples of exhibition themes could be “mythological heroes,” “religion,” “the human body,” etc.) The sculptures you select for this assignment must all fit the theme in some way.

3. Name your exhibition and create a brief paragraph that gives an overview of your exhibition topic. This information should be included on slide 1 of your PowerPoint presentation.

4. Next, select a minimum of 10 sculptures for your exhibition that illustrate 10 of the 19 sculptural terms listed below. (Remember, each sculpture must both illustrate a term and fit your theme.) Choose your sculptures from the following museums’ permanent collections: the Getty Museum (, the Louvre Museum (, or the Museum of Modern Art (

5. Create a “visual tour” of your sculpture exhibition in PowerPoint format. Each slide of your PowerPoint presentation should include a high quality image of a selected sculpture, plus the artist’s name, title, date, medium, and the name of the museum that owns it.

6. Also on each slide, label the term illustrated. Write one or two sentences explaining how your piece illustrates each term. Then, include one or two sentences explaining how the sculpture fits your exhibition theme.

Sculptural Terms:


high relief

freestanding sculpture

subtractive process

additive process




lost-wax technique


casting of human figures





direct metal sculpture


constructed sculpture




kinetic sculpture

light sculpture

“ other” materials

How to download the peer evaluation form:

Click the “Curate Your Own Sculpture Exhibition (in pairs)” link above. The file can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of Section 1: Assignment Information.

How to hand in your work:

Note: Only one person per group should submit the PowerPoint file, but all students must submit a peer evaluation form. The peer evaluation form will count as part of your group participation grade.

Click the “Curate Your Own Sculpture Exhibition (in pairs)” link above. Be sure your files’ names include your last name within them. Also type your names in the comment box. Attach the PowerPoint file and peer evaluation form. Click “Submit” to hand in your work.