Assignment: Big Data in Healthcare Community

Assignment: Big Data in Healthcare Community

Assignment: Big Data in Healthcare Community


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A collection of data can be beneficial to any clinical system. Collecting more data brings more knowledge, greater insights, smarter ideas, and ample opportunities for organizations to learn from their own data (McGongile & Mastrian, 2017). There is one potential benefit for using big data and that is the more data you have, the more knowledge you can receive. By having large amounts of data at your fingertips can decrease the potential need for additional information.

The use of big data can also bring risk to a clinical setting. As Thew states in the article, synthesizing the data is usually done manually which can become very time consuming and lead to a laborious process (Thew, 2016). Manual collection of any data can lead to misinterpretations which then can lead to misdiagnosis and wrong treatments.

After researching ways to mitigate potential challenges on the use of big data, an article by M. Adibuzzaman, P. DeLaurentis, J. Hill, and B. Benneyworth state the need for additional time stamped data (Adibuzzaman et al., 2017). This would include time stamps on all healthcare interventions such as every medication given, every doctor visit, and ever assessment. To be able to identify more clearly within a time frame can be beneficial in the patients’ healthcare timeline. They suggest the need for larger cohort of institutions to share complete, precise, and time stamped data better be able to share patients information and research.


Adibuzzaman, M., DeLaurentis, P., Hill, J., & Benneyworth, B. D. (2018). Big data in healthcare – the promises, challenges and opportunities from a research perspective: A case study with a model database. AMIA … Annual Symposium proceedings. AMIA Symposium, 2017, 384–392.

McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K. G. (2017). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge(4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Thew, J (2016, April 9) Big data means potential, challenges for nurse execs.Retrieved from nurse-execs


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RE: Discussion – Week 4


“Big data refers to the voluminous amounts of data collected and stored every second of every day” (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2018). The data is collected by the by all the devices we use in our every day life whether it be personal or professional. Big data in health care can have many different benefits such as organized documentation and improving patient outcomes. It also allows the interdisciplinary team to be able to access patient information remotely at any time. “As data mining evolves, we have not only become able to navigate our data in real time but have also progressed beyond mere access to retrospective data with navigational improvements” (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2018). It is becoming increasingly more used in nursing whether it be in learning, practice, or research. By utilizing big data to his highest potential then nursing can advance the promotion of human health. The quick access to medical records and other information regardless of location is the biggest pro to big data. “The promise with big data is that we will quickly be able to move towards prescriptive analytics where we will be able to provide information that will give us knowledge and suggest interventions, or the capability to do something about a predicted upcoming event” (Thew 2016).

Some of the negatives of big data are that there can be missing information. Since this is being manually put it there is room for error. It is important that the information being put in is correct and complete since others will be able to access this information for various reasons. By having missing information or incorrect information this can lead to misdiagnosis, which can be extremely dangerous for patients.

One way to challenge the possible downside of big data is to properly train and educate on the importance of providing accurate information. Since big data will be used by all it is essential for healthcare workers to properly document.


McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K. G. (2017). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge(4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Thew, J (2016, April 9) Big data means potential, challenges for nurse execs.Retrieved from nurse-execs

Wang, Y. Kung, L., & Byrd, T. A. (2018). Big data analytics: Understanding its capabilities and potential benefits for healthcare organizations. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 126(1), 3–13. doi:10.1016/j.techfore.2015.12.019.

Assignment: Big Data in Healthcare Community

Assignment: Big Data in Healthcare Community

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