BUS 100 Quiz 2 Chapter 2

BUS 100 Quiz 2 Chapter 2

1. In most states, the document that owners must file in order to form a corporation is referred to as the

2. In an acquisition, the firm being purchased is the _____ and the firm which is purchasing the other firm is the _____.

3. The party in a franchise relationship that pays for the right to use resources supplied by another business entity is known as the

4. The majority of businesses today are formed as

5. _____ is the contractual relationship in which an established firm supplies another business with unique resources in exchange for payment and other considerations

6. A corporation must register as a _____ in every state in which it operates other than its state of incorporation.

7. A _____ merger is the combination of firms in the same industry

8. Not all corporations are large.  In recent years, about 24 percent of corporations have reported less than _____ in total sales revenue.

9. A(n) _____ merger is the combination of two or more firms at different stages of production of a given product or service, so the firms have a buyer-seller relationship

10. Types of corporations include