CJA 304 Week 4 Knowledge Check

CJA 304 Week 4 Knowledge Check

1.Computerized cross-indexing of criminal offenses is important in identifying the ______________, which helps law enforcement agencies determine how many crimes have been committed by the same offender.

2.Which one of the following provides for the immediate identification of people who may be either suspects or victims?

3.When integrated with the current practice of crime analysis, _________________ can produce maps that display crime information.

4.Both __________ and ___________ maintain computer networks that reach every state and law enforcement agency in the United States; and are linked to international locations and law enforcement entities.

5.Which one of the following permits law enforcement officers in one area of the country to check criminal histories, driverâs licenses, motor vehicle registrations, and other information from another geographical location?

6.Bringing together criminal justice information from many different areas is a mission of the ___________.

7.The following standard criteria will ensure that criminal justice records systems are operational:

8.Which of the following is used to transfer information from an agencyâs records management system directly to law enforcement vehicles?

9.A / An _________________ is used to provide automated methods of entering and retrieving information on an agencyâs incident reports and investigative files.

10.While conducting an interrogation, the interrogating officer must ___________.

11.Which of the following is one of the most accurate ways to record the suspectâs statement?

12.At any time when an officer is recording a suspectâs statement, the officer must ensure that______________.

13.The ________________ is a product of the federal government, run by the FBI, and is currently one of the largest law enforcement computer systems in the world

14.Which of the following criminal justice databases takes specific incident and arrest data from 46 different criminal offenses and is considered the most modern form of crime data collection?

15.The ___________________ compares a huge source of fingerprints to help find the owner of a single print