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Add a community nursing diagnosis and relate it to HP2020 in the nursing diagnosis part in this aggregate paper

Question descriptionAdd a community nursing diagnosis and relate to HP2020 to the nursing diagnosis part in the aggregate

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The nursing diagnosis focused in this paper is “An ineffective health maintenance as evidenced by opioid abuse related to serious impairment, suicide, depression, sleep disturbance, and anxiety by opioids abusers especially teenagers and older”. As witnessed in nursing assessment, the use of opioids for wrong purposes is the reason why opioids abuse is increasing tremendously over the past decades (Butcher et al, 2018). The focus of this paper is therefore to examine the best interventions that can be used to minimize opioids abuse in order to minimize mental health problems that have been witnessed in the past.

In relation to Millennium Development Goals ratified by more than 191 members states, the nursing diagnosis focus in this paper will act as a cornerstone in achieving those MDGs especially in relation to improving maternal health and reducing child mortality (Morton et al, 2017). As part of achieving these MDGs goals, the evidence-based treatment plan for opioids is mainly centered on methadone and Buprenorphine that have been scientifically proven to be effective in treatments for opioid use disorder. A recent meta-analysis has concluded that methadone and Buprenorphine are linked to higher treatment retention.

The nursing diagnosis is important because it helps in minimizing mental health diagnosis that is mainly caused by opioids abuse. It also assists in designing effective secondary prevention that can be employed to minimize the rate of opioids abuse in the community (Morton et al, 2017). The nursing diagnosis is centered on offering coping mechanisms that can be utilized to reduce the number of medical lapses and exacerbation conditions triggered by aforementioned health conditions. When using the nursing diagnosis, it is important to consider the historical and current health records of the patients before delivering the services.