EDU 618 EDU\618 EDU618 Week 2 Inputs Resources

EDU 618 EDU\618 EDU618 Week 2 Inputs Resources

Inputs/Resources. For your Final Paper, you will be required to create and explain a proposed logic model. This week, you will continue creating a portion of the model (the inputs/resources section). For those without a particular field, choose a field that most closely aligns to your future educational career.

Refer to the Logic Model Development Program Implementation Template found in the appendix of the Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide, Using Logic Models to Bring Together Planning, Evaluation, and Action: Logic Model Development Guide, as an example.

Place yourself in the role of a workplace educator who is proposing a program evaluation to the leadership team of your organization that will implement some innovative way to accomplish a task or fix a problem. For this assignment, you are to build upon your written assignment from Week One, and look at the resources and inputs that are needed in order to accomplish the task or fix the problem you have chosen.

Using Microsoft Word, you will create a portion of a logic model that details the inputs and resources that are needed in order to accomplish your mission. In keeping with the example for Week One, some possible inputs for the registration department would include: application forms, computer access, personnel, etc.

You will need to provide a minimum of four inputs/resources in a table format. Below the table, you are to provide a narrative that further explains the inputs and resources being used. Note that you will use this week’sassignment as part of your Final Paper.