ENG 221 Week 2 Individual Assignment Memo Evaluation

ENG 221 Week 2 Individual Assignment Memo Evaluation

Use a memo you have written, one that one of your peers or your manager has written, or one of the following from the University of Phoenix Virtual Organizations’ intranet sites:

Riordan Manufacturing: China Relocation Memo located under Finance & Accounting > Communications
Riordan Manufacturing: HR Integration Project Manager Memo located under Human Resources > Communications

Kudler Fine Foods: Training for New Cash Registers Memo located under Administration > Communications Comment [DEE8]: SELECTED MEMO

McBride Financial Services: Programming Languages E-mail located under Administration > Communications

Evaluate the memo using the following criteria:


  • Clarity
  • Tone
  • Writing style
  • How you reacted to the memoWrite a 300- to 500-word report in which you comment on each of the criteria and make suggestions for improvement