HI 165 HI/165 HI165 Unit 2 Assignment (Kaplan)

HI 165 HI/165 HI165 Unit 2 Assignment (Kaplan)

1. If you were to get a position working in the HIM department in the virtual tour, what positions would you be qualified for? What positions sounded interesting to you and what sorts of tasks would you be doing?

2. What does professional dress and behavior look like in this department (discuss dress, professional demeanor, and continuing education that would apply)?

3. What kinds of technology skills are needed in this HIM department?

4. What is the purpose of a Cancer Registry in this HIM department?

5. What education or experience does a professional need to work as a Tumor Registrar in this HIM department?

6. Coding Department: what sorts of degrees do you need to work in this department?

7. Why is the Physicians Lounge located right by the HIM department?