IT 234 Unit 1 Use principles of sound reasoning Assignment

IT 234 Unit 1 Use principles of sound reasoning Assignment

GEL-8.2: Use principles of sound reasoning

Using the concepts learned in Chapter 2 “Relational Model Components”, read the following case scenario and complete the “Partial Logical Model” (refer to Figure 2-2 “Data Modeling A Beginner’s Guide”) table below. Make sure to follow the naming conventions used in this chapter.

In your responses, you should apply critical thinking skills that demonstrate the elements of sound reasoning. This includes the ability to identify the issue, formulate inferences, identify faulty reasoning, assess assumptions, formulate conclusions, and assess implications.

Case scenario to model:

You have been hired as a database developer to build the University database. During the business requirements process, you are interviewing several stakeholders who will in one way or another interact with the database. The preliminary interview reflects the following scenario: The University allow students to use one locker each term for storing school material. Students may register in one or more courses. Each course is taught by one Instructor and there can be several sections of the same course taught by different instructors at different locations throughout the campus. Instructors can teach one or more courses or none during a term. It is very important to describe under each table the rationale that you used in your design.