IT 3345 Unit 1 Assignment Agile Methodology

IT 3345 Unit 1 Assignment Agile Methodology


In this
assignment you focus on the process methodology of Section 5, Standards and
Procedures of your software development plan (SDP)—choosing, diagramming,
explaining and finally applying your choice of Agile development methodology to
CapraTek. The choices that you make here drive the rest of the SDP, so it is an
appropriate starting point.


Use the
assignment Resources to complete the following:

View the
CapraTek scenario in the CapraTek Overview document.

the Software Development Plan Template. Save it as “CapraTek_SDP_u1”
and use it to complete and submit your assignments for this course.


the CapraTek scenario and address the items below in Section 5 of the CapraTek
SDP document.

Select an
Agile methodology and briefly justify why your chosen Agile methodology is
appropriate for CapraTek.

Create a
Unified Modeling Language (UML) activity diagram that illustrates the process
methodology life cycle.

each of the phases depicted in the process methodology diagram with relation to
the software development process. Keep your descriptions generic—the point is
to explain the processes involved in each phase to illustrate the concept.

Example: Scrum initial requirements steps: “During the initial
requirements steps, the product owner examines the product backlog and gets
feedback from the customer and other stakeholders. The product owner then
informs the development team of the items from the product backlog . . .”

Select two
of the phases and describe how each would manifest itself in the context of
CapraTek. Consider CapraTek’s requirements, resources, time constraints, et

IT3345 Software Architecture

Unit 2 Assignment

Scheduling, Organization, and Staffing


A proper
SDP document must consider the organization’s capabilities and constraints. This
assignment focuses on the first three sections of the SDP:

Section 1:
Introduction: Scope, Purpose, and Business Challenges.

Section 2:
Resources and Scheduling.

Section 3:
Organization and Staffing.

the following questions may help guide you in this assignment:

Why is
there a need for the software development plan?

What are
CapraTek’s motivations to create the new architecture?

What are
the consequences of not adopting a new architecture?

business problem will the new architecture solve?

resources and scheduling would be required for each development project?

What roles
need to be filled within the Agile methodology that you have selected?


Review the
CapraTek scenario found in the assignment Resources as required.

Save a new
version of your SDP document using this unit number and use it to complete the


the CapraTek scenario and address the items below in sections 1–3 of the
CapraTek SDP document:

(SDP Section 1): Complete the following sections:



challenges: Identify and prioritize the challenges facing CapraTek.

and Staffing (SDP Section 2): Specify the project roles and responsibilities
based on your Agile process methodology. Assume three concurrent and similarly
scoped projects.

and Scheduling (SDP Section 3): Specify the project allocation breakdown based
on the required resources for anticipated projects. As CapraTek does plan to
run three software development projects simultaneously, resources may need to
be shared between projects. Note: You will need to make, and state, general
assumptions regarding and based on the approximate size of each project.