MAT 2051 Discrete Mathematics Unit 2 Quiz 1

MAT 2051 Discrete Mathematics Unit 2 Quiz 1

Question 1What is a set?


a. An unordered collection of objects.

b. An ordered collection of objects.

c. The study of reasoning.

d. A partition of numbers.

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Question 2What is the cardinality of the set X = {1, 5, 3, 8, 10}?


a. 5.

b. 1.

c. 10.

d. 27.

Question 3          What value replaces ?in the following truth table?


a. 0.

b. 1.

c. Cannot solve with the given information.

d. Can be either 0 or 1.

Question 4Let:

P: Jerry receives a scholarship.

Q: Jerry goes to college.

Assume the statement P  → Q is true.

If Jerry does not go to college, did he receive his scholarship?


a. Yes, because the converse of the statement is true.

b. No, because the contrapositive of the statement is true.

c. There is not enough information.

d. Can be either.

Question 5          What is deductive reasoning?


a. A hypothesis together with a conclusion.

b. Valid arguments of a hypothesis.

c. The process of drawing a conclusion from a sequence of propositions.

d. A simplification of the rules of inference.