MAT 2051 Discrete Mathematics Unit 8 Quiz 4

MAT 2051 Discrete Mathematics Unit 8 Quiz 4

Question 1          Is a graph a tree? Is a tree a graph?

a. Yes, Yes.

b. No, Yes.

c. Yes, No.

d. No, No.

Question 2Given a graph with n vertices, what is the minimum number of edges needed to make the graph connected?


a. n.

b. n – 1.

c. n * n.

d. n log n.

Question 3Given the graph below, what type of path is path (A, D, E, C, B)?

Graph A-E. [D]


a. Simple Path.

b. Cycle.

c. Simple cycle.

d. None of the above.

Question 4          Given the graph below, which of the following is a Hamiltonian cycle?


a. (A, D, B).

b. (A, D, B, C, E, D, A).

c. (B, C, E, D, A, B).

d. (C, E, D, A, C).

Question 5          Given the graph below, what is the total weight of the shortest weighted path from A to E:


a. 8.

b. 5.

c. 4.

d. 3.