MAT 2051 Unit 1 Discussion DQ1 Logic and Reasoning

MAT 2051 Unit 1 Discussion DQ1 Logic and Reasoning

Logic and reasoning play important roles in computer applications, systems management, database management, and error management. In this discussion, you will examine logic and deductive reasoning, symbols and definitions, and an application involving database and error logging.

Deductive Reasoning, Part 1

Given the following true logical statement:

If inputs x1, x2, and x3 are all true, then output y is true.

Write this statement as a logical statement using the appropriate logic symbols for conjunction and implication.

Write the converse and contrapositive of this statement.

Is the converse true? Explain why or why not.

Is the contrapositive true? Explain why or why not.

Deductive Reasoning, Part 2

Assume you are a systems manager and that you know a server will log an error message if a database has a retrieval error. With that, complete the following:

Why is it important for errors to be logged?

What is a database retrieval error, and what might cause this type of error?

If you notice that there is an error logged, can you infer that a retrieval error has occurred without reading the log? Explain why or why not. (Hint: This is a question about reasoning.)

Prior to posting your response, review the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide. This is the recommendation for all discussions in this course.

Response Guidelines

Read your peers’ posts and respond to two. Do you agree with your peer’s assessment of the problem? Explain.