MAT 2051 Unit 6 Discussion DQ1 Cryptography and Security

MAT 2051 Unit 6 Discussion DQ1 Cryptography and Security

Cryptography is an exciting IT field that focuses on secure communications, typically on a network. Many encryption methods use number theory to encode and decode messages. This number theory typically draws upon ideas such as prime factorization, greatest common divisors (GCD), modulus, and so on.

For this discussion, read Chapter 5, section 5.4, which starts on page 250 of your text, which discusses number theory and applications to cryptography. Post an explanation of how the RSA public-key cryptosystem works that includes answers to the following questions:

What is a key?

What are public and private keys, and how are they used in the RSA public-key cryptosystem?

How are messages encoded and decoded using mod and GCD?

If you are using p = 17, q = 23, and n = 31, what would the encryption of 101 be, using public key z = pq?

Where is security used, and why is it important to everyone?

Review the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide prior to posting. Make sure you include a minimum of three posts and that your first, or main, post responds to all parts of the question posed.

Response Guidelines

Read your peers’ posts and respond to two. Did you reach the same encryption as your peer? Explain why or why not. Show your work.