MSN 6011 Patient-Centered Care Report Assignment

MSN 6011 Patient-Centered Care Report Assignment

MSN 6011 Patient-Centered Care Report Assignment


Unit 9 Assignment 1

Patient-Centered Care Report

Professional Context

Master’s-level nurses need to be able to think critically about the evidence, outcomes data, and other relevant information they encounter throughout their daily practice. Often the evidence or information that a nurse encounters, researches, or studies is not presented in the exact context of that nurse’s practice. A key skill of the master’s-level nurse is to be able to transfer evidence from the context it was presented in and apply to a different context in order to maximize the benefit to patients in that new context.


For this assignment you will be basing your report on the scenario presented in the Evidence-Based Health Evaluation and Application media piece. Some of the writing you completed and exported from the media piece can constitute your pre-writing and inform the development of your final submission. Further, even though the media piece was framed within one type of care setting, you can extrapolate the situation into another care setting that is more relevant to you. You will still be able to apply community outcomes data to an individual patient or case.


For this assignment, you will apply the outcomes of the Population Health Improvement Initiative (PHII) to a patient-centered care report. The bullet points below correspond to grading criteria in the scoring guide. Be sure that your report addresses all of the bullets below, at minimum. You may also want to read the Patient-Centered Care Report Scoring Guide and Guiding Questions: Patient-Centered Care Report (both linked in the Resources) to better understand how each criterion will be assessed:

Evaluate the outcomes of a population health improvement initiative.

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Propose strategies for improving the outcomes of the population health improvement plan, or ensuring that all outcomes are being addressed, based on the best available evidence.

Develop an individualized personal care approach that incorporates lessons learned from a population health improvement initiative.

Justify the value and relevance of evidence used as the basis for your personal care approach to your patient.

Propose a framework that could be used to evaluate desired outcomes of your approach to personalizing care for your patients and areas that could be applied to similar situations and patients in the future.

Write content clearly and logically, with correct use of grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Integrate relevant sources to support assertions, correctly formatting citations and references using APA style.

Example assignment: You may use the Patient-Centered Care Report Example, linked in the Resources, to give you an idea of what a Proficient or higher rating on the scoring guide would look like.

Submission Requirements

Length of submission: 4-6 double-spaced, typed pages. Your report should be succinct yet substantive.

Number of references: Cite a minimum of 3-5 sources of scholarly or professional evidence that support your evaluation, recommendations, and plans.

APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style.


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