MSN 6210 Care Setting Analysis Discussion

MSN 6210 Care Setting Analysis Discussion

MSN 6210 Care Setting Analysis Discussion


Unit 3 Assignment 1

Care Setting Analysis

Professional Context

Master’s-level nursing leaders need to be able to apply critical thinking and analysis skills in order to discover not only what makes their care settings great but also to find opportunities to improve gaps. An ability to identify, understand, and leverage opportunities for improvements and consistent high achievement can help nursing leaders ensure that their care setting are reliably able to deliver improvements in quality and safety. An understanding of different methods for analyzing a health care setting is also important to ensure the right tool is being applied in appropriate circumstances.


You have been tasked to conduct an analysis of your care setting that will result in two potential pathways for later creating a strategic plan to improve its quality and safety. In order to accomplish this, you have been asked to present the discovery and dream phases of an appreciative inquiry project and a SWOT analysis of the care setting. You have also been asked to compare the two processes and reflect on the results, as well as evaluate the leadership characteristics and skills that would be desirable for the person leading the potential initiatives that could grow out of your analyses.

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Your work for this assignment will help inform some aspects of your assignments in Unit 6 and 9. Look ahead to those assignments to see how they all fit together.

The requester of the analysis has stated that you should be sure to address the following in your report. Note: The bullet points below correspond to grading criteria in the rubric. Be sure your work is, at minimum, addressing each of the bullets. You may want to read the Care Setting Analysis Scoring Guide to better understand how each grading criterion will be assessed. Additionally, the Guiding Questions: Care Setting Analysis document may be helpful in providing additional clarification about things to consider when creating your assignment. Both documents are linked in the Resources.

Part 1: Appreciative Inquiry Discovery and Dream

Synthesize stories and evidence about times when your care setting performed at its best with regard to quality and safety goals.

Propose positive yet attainable goals for your care setting that will lead to ethical and culturally sensitive improvements in organizational quality and safety and that align with the care setting’s mission, vision, and values.

Part 2: SWOT Analysis

Present and analyze the findings of a SWOT analysis of your care setting as it relates to quality and safety goals.

Explain one area of concern that you identified in your SWOT analysis that is relevant to your care setting’s mission, vision, and values and for which you propose pursing improvements.

Part 3: Comparison of Approaches

Compare and contrast the way you had to think about your care setting and data, as well as how you interact with others, when using the AI and SWOT approaches.

Part 4: Analysis of Relevant Skills and Leadership Characteristics

Present an analysis of relevant skills and leadership characteristics that would be beneficial in pursuing improvement projects that could grow out of both the AI and SWOT approaches.

Address Generally Throughout Report

Communicate analyses clearly and in a way that demonstrates professionalism and respect for stakeholders and colleagues.

Integrate relevant sources to support assertions, correctly formatting citations and references using APA style.

Submission Requirements

Length of submission: 4–7 double-spaced, typed pages. Your report should be succinct yet substantive.

Number of references: Cite a minimum of 3–5 sources of scholarly or professional evidence to support your analysis.

APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style.


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