MSN 6212 Discuss the use of an Evaluation Model

MSN 6212 Discuss the use of an Evaluation Model

MSN 6212 Discuss the use of an Evaluation Model


Unit 7 discussion

Using an Evaluation Model

It is essential to assess the impact and success of a change in a process or system intended to improve patient safety and the quality of care. Challenges in that assessment include knowing what to measure, and how to measure it, as well as understanding the results.

Research some of the tools and measurement instruments that can be used to determine the impact of a change on safety and quality, and describe what you have found that makes those tools and measurement instruments valuable and useful.

Explain why using an evaluation model that focuses on safety and quality initiatives and innovations is a requirement in order to demonstrate how those initiatives and innovations make a difference.

Consider how you might incorporate your Unit 7 assignment ideas in this discussion, as you reflect upon strategy, change, and useful information.

Ensure that your discussion post is at least 150 words in length. In addition, be sure to cite at least one source from the assigned readings or other professional and scholarly literature, as applicable, to support your position, substantiate a claim, or when referring to the ideas or work of others.

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Response Guidelines

Read as many posts as time allows and respond to at least one, preferably a post that has had few or no responses. Your responses are expected to be substantive in nature and at least 75 words in length. You are encouraged to ask questions, elaborate on a particular point, offer an alternative viewpoint, or add comments that extend or sustain the dialog. Remember to cite your sources, as applicable.

As you contemplate your responses, consider the following questions:

Do you agree or disagree about the value and usefulness of the tools or measurement instruments identified by your peers? Why?

What thoughts or perspective could you add regarding evaluation models?

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

Explain the importance of evaluating safety and quality initiatives and innovations.

Apply the principles of effective composition.

Proofread and edit written communications.

Examine the value and utility of particular evaluation tools in assessing the impact of change on safety and quality.


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