NHS8060 Unit 5 Discussion Recruitment and Sampling

NHS8060 Unit 5 Discussion Recruitment and Sampling


Choose from one of the following scenarios

Scenario A

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome affects the quality of life of many individuals. The use of CPAP therapy is considered a best-practice therapeutic approach in treating this condition, but it has potential adverse effects. It is not clear what effect the therapy itself has on cardiac function and the quality of life of ethnic groups at higher risk for heart disease. You need to perform an inexpensive and relatively quick study about this issue in a South Asian immigrant community in your state.

Scenario B

Rheumatoid arthritis is a painful condition that commonly creates a chronic financial burden on minority populations. Evidence-based research suggests that yoga exercise is associated with a reduction in pain, more energy, and improved sleep. It is important to study the effects of yoga on inflammatory biomarkers, pain, and well-being in this target population.

Scenario C

Seattle protocols (a series of evidence-based psycho-social interventions that incorporate exercise training) have been shown to reduce disability associated with Alzheimer’s disease and depression in dementia patients. A local nursing home would like to explore the effects of this protocol on fitness, mood, and cognitive function in its elderly population.


In your initial post, address the following. Consider the readings and resource material from this unit as you formulate your post:

Identify and describe a sampling approach and recruiting strategy for obtaining a representative sample of the population described in the research scenario you selected.

Describe the pros and cons associated with your strategy.

Do additional research to find a scholarly article where such a sampling approach and recruitment approach have been used, under similar research circumstances. Cite and briefly summarize the article.

In your initial post, include at least one APA-formatted citation (in-text, as well as a full reference). The citation should be from materials you have read during this unit. It may be from course textbooks, assigned readings, or an outside source.