NHS8060 Unit 6 Discussion Study Variables

NHS8060 Unit 6 Discussion Study Variables

Select one of the dissertation or capstone papers indicated for this discussion in the Studies for this unit.

In your initial post, address the following. Use the readings and media for this unit as guidance as you formulate your post:

Cite and briefly summarize the dissertation or capstone report you selected.

Make a list of the variables used in the study you selected, identifying to which variable category (such as demographic, descriptive, independent, or dependent) each belongs.

Identify which study variables, if any, are associated with the study’s conceptual or theoretical framework.

Identify and describe the linking of the conceptual definitions to the operational definitions and to the variables.

In your initial post, include at least one APA-formatted citation (in-text, as well as full reference). The citation should be from materials you have read during this unit. It may be from course textbooks, assigned readings, or an outside source.