NHS8060 Unit 9 Discussion Assessing Quantitative Research Articles

NHS8060 Unit 9 Discussion Assessing Quantitative Research Articles

Review the unit readings. Do additional research to find one scholarly quantitative research article. Select only from the following research approaches: quasi-experimental research (pre/post-test design), evidence-based practice research, quality improvement, or practice improvement research.

For your initial post, use the readings from this unit as a guide and:

Cite the quantitative research article you selected and provide a brief summary of the article.

Using Table 1 of the Coughlan, Cronin, and Ryan article, “Step-by-Step Guide to Critiquing Research. Part 1 – Quantitative Research,” as an assessment checklist, provide answers to the salient questions suggested.

Describe what instrument, if any, was used in the study to measure the primary outcome objective. Assess the validity and reliability of this instrument and cite other research used to justify its usage.

In your initial post, include at least one APA-formatted citation (in-text, as well as a full reference). The citation should be from materials you have read during this unit. It may be from course textbooks, assigned readings, or an outside source.