NSG 6005 Week 7 Assignment 3 Eye Disorder

NSG 6005 Week 7 Assignment 3 Eye Disorder

Assignment 3 Eye Disorder

  • Demonstrated understanding of a specific type of acute poisoning process.
  • Correctly identified commons agents associated with that poisoning.
  • Demonstrated understanding of strategies of treating that poisoning.

Incorporated correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary using APA style and citations where appropriate.


Formatting Instructions

It is mandatory to proofread before submitting the paper. However, it is not advisable to rely entirely on the computer’s spell-checker and grammar-checker. Failure to proofread the paper illustrates that the writer lacks seriousness and may lead to poor grades. Papers that contain many grammatical mistakes and misspelled words are essentially penalized. Therefore, it is recommended that students should go through their papers by reading them silently and then loudly while making necessary correction before submitting the paper. Alternatively, it is highly advisable to look for a friend to proofread the paper for possible mistakes. The corrections made by handwriting are better than the uncorrected errors.

The standard margin ranging between 10 to 12 point typeface should be used. Any typeface below this margin or single tends to be challenging when reading. Besides, it is safe to exceed the recommended the page limit than trying to fix words into fewer pages. Similarly, large type, margins, and indentations, increased leading, triple spacing, increased kerning, or any other attempt to padding or increasing the number of pages are improper, careless, and the professor is unlikely to yield such attempt.