NURS 4455 Assignment Leadership Self-Assessment

NURS 4455 Assignment Leadership Self-Assessment

NURS 4455 Assignment Leadership Self-Assessment

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Overview: Leadership Self-Assessment

Do you view yourself as a leader?

You have, no doubt, served as a leader in some situations, but you may not yet envision yourself as a leader in the nursing environment. This course is designed to help you recognize the leadership and management qualities you bring to the profession, sharpen and enhance those skills, and to encourage you to seek out leadership and management opportunities.

Use the Professional Development Inventory to assess your leadership qualities and skills. Save your results and/or make notes of the conclusions.


•             Identify characteristics of leadership and management.

Conclusions and Reflections

Describe your overall leadership characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Comment on any characteristics that the tool did not address that you believe to be important.

Knowing yourself is critical to being an effective leader. Building self-awareness and understanding your tendencies and motivational drivers can enable you to unlock potential in yourself and your team.

“Self-awareness is about developing your capacity to sense how you’re coming across, to have undistorted visibility into your own strengths and weaknesses, and to be able to gauge the emotions you’re personally experiencing,” says Harvard Business School Professor Joshua Margolis in the online course Leadership Principles. “If you’re going to mobilize others to get things done, you can’t let your own emotions get in the way.”

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According to an analysis by Korn/Ferry International, companies with higher rates of financial return tend to employ professionals with high degrees of self-awareness. Research also shows that self-aware leaders report having:

  • Greater effectiveness in the workplace
  • Better relationships with colleagues
  • An improved ability to identify and manage their emotions
  • Reduced stress

Reaping these rewards can be achieved through honest self-assessment. By examining the patterns that emerge in how you view yourself, and how others experience you, you can identify ways to learn and develop as a leader.

If you want to maximize your career trajectory and improve how you guide and manage teams, here are four ways you can assess your leadership effectiveness.