NURS 530 Assignment Video Presentation

NURS 530 Assignment Video Presentation

NURS 530 Assignment Video Presentation

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate understanding through teaching and explanation. Begin by choosing one of the topics below, or propose a topic of your own interest from the assigned readings subject to instructor approval. Post your choice to the discussion board thread “Video Presentation Topics” as soon as you make your choice. You may not select a topic that has already been chosen by a classmate. The sooner you choose, the more options you will have.

For this assignment, you will produce a 4–7 minute audio–video presentation on your chosen topic.

Record, Upload, and Submit

The Kaltura Desktop Recording tool is available for free to WCU students to assist with recording video assignments. Another software or tool may be used to record your assignment. Completed videos are required to be uploaded to your Kaltura My Media area before they can be submitted in the Blackboard assignment area via Mashups Tool > Kaltura Media.

Kaltura Mashups Tool

In your presentation, include the following:

Include at least one type of visual aid in your presentation such as PowerPoint slides, diagrams, white board use, etc.

You are expected to explain the processes or concepts in your own words using references to support your explanations. Include a reference list at the end and cite references verbally or with on screen citations.

Use appropriate master’s level terminology.

Include all necessary physiology and/or pathophysiology in your explanation.

Use detailed explanations to teach or explain. Your classmates and professional colleagues are your audience .

Reference a minimum of two sources; you may cite your etext as a source. Use APA format to style your visual aids and cite your sources. Include a reference page in your video.

Your presentation must include both audio and visual components and be professional in nature.

Possible topics:

Explain endocrine feedback in terms of short, long, and ultra-short feedback loops

Explain the two general effects hormones have on cells: direct effects, or obvious changes in cell function, and permissive effects, or less obvious changes that facilitate cell function

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Explain methods used to measure the levels of hormones in the plasma

Describe the causative factor and manifestations for the hypersecretion of prolactin

Discuss the causes of hyperpituitarism and hypopituitarism with consideration of the populations at highest risk for the development of the disorders

Characterize the manifestations of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism

Explain the process of thermoregulation

Explain the process of glucose regulation

Discuss the similarities of breast cancer invasion and normal mammary gland branching

Explain the role of myoepithelial cells in invasive breast cancer

Explain the causes of delayed or incomplete puberty

Relate luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels to the stages of follicle development and to progesterone and estrogen production

Describe the functions of the female breast, and discuss the cyclic, hormone-mediated changes in the breast tissue during the reproductive years and with pregnancy

Describe the conditions present and pathophysiology of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

Describe the clinical presentation and pathophysiology of gonorrhea

Describe the clinical presentation and pathophysiology of hepatitis B

Describe the clinical presentation and pathophysiology of  acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)

Propose a topic of your own interest from the assigned readings; however, it must be submitted to your instructor for approval

You will post your finished presentation here for grading, and you will post a copy to the discussion board thread “Final Video Presentations” to be shared and reviewed with your classmates.