Nursing Case Studies Writing Help

Owing to its nature and complexity, a case study paper is among the assignments you need help as a nursing student. It is critical because a tutor will use it to determine the student’s ability to analyze a particular problem or situation. You will write this paper with heightened enthusiasm because you will have to tap into your sense of mastery about a situation or specific subject.

What’s more, while writing your case study, you will be expected to present your topic or problem in a personalized yet straightforward manner that gives the reader an easy time understanding your arguments. The level of creativity and personal input in this paper is quite demanding, especially for students who may be managing a delicate balance between work and school.

Compared to other academic writing genres, for example, essays and term papers, a case study is relatively challenging to write. This is no surprise if you put the paper’s nature and methodology into consideration.

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Writing a case study.

To write a case study, you need to do proper investigation around a problem, explore the alternative solutions and suggest the most practical solution using convincing evidence.

  • Identify the case, then examine or analyze it as closely as possible. In the process, ensure writing down some notes and picking out the relevant facts as you underline the main problems.
  • Next, narrow down your analysis to identify more than three problems, establish why they exist, how they affect the organization and who is culpable.
  • Thirdly, explore the possible changes or solutions by reviewing your course readings, personal experience, external research discussions and more.
  • Settle for the best solution considering the pros and cons, compelling evidence and whether the proposed solution is realistic

Draft the Case

Having collected and collated all the information, your next step is to draft the analysis. The draft should comprise an introduction, the background, evaluation or analysis of the case proposed solutions or changes and your recommendations.

However, these sections may vary depending on other factors, i.e., the assignment’s specific instruction.


  • Identify and highlight the main issues in your case study. In your formulation, insert a thesis statement and summarize your analysis outcome in less than three sentences.


  • Introduce your background information, pertinent facts and other significant issues. Prove that you have done enough research on the problems in the case study.


List the items of your case study and evaluate them by determining what is working and what isn’t working.

Proposed changes

  • Give very realistic and specific solutions or required changes explaining why you chose them.


1.    Moot and discuss the possible strategies that you can use to accomplish the proposed solution.